If you have land and the opportunity to develop on it, but haven’t got the resources or experience to complete it to the standard you’d like, our team has the experience and know-how to materialise your goals. We have an abundance of experience with taking on contracting projects directly for clients. This means you can come to us with your visions for development, whether that is at the very start of the journey or further through the process, and we execute them to complement your image.

Looking For Residential Contracting?


A lot of the time, we have customers come to ask for simple property refurbishments or renovations. While they may seem simple to them, we know there is a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure the outcome is exactly as the customer wants. Our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and vast experience with managing briefs and following guidelines means that you can rely on us to manage your budget to reach the outcome you desire.

We have an incredible Coastal Construction team, and beyond that, an incredible group of subcontractors, who have all the resources to guide you through the process, from start to finish.

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Looking For Commercial Contracting?


A big part of our contracting portfolio is working with the commercial sector. Having built many commercial units and factories, we are very familiar with working with businesses. From large scale industrial developments to retail or hospitality refurbishment, we have experience with it all.

What’s more, many of the businesses we have worked with have remained open to the public throughout the build process, meaning nobody is missing out from business closures. Our health and safety planning keeps the site productive, the business trading and, most importantly, our team and the public safe at all times. A project we’ve recently worked on, the Ancient Mariner Inn in Hunstanton, is a great example of how we extended the restaurants and built three new outside log cabins for new accommodation, as an addition to their existing building. You can read more about this project via our ‘our work’ page.

Another question we often come across is how we deal with older structures and buildings which contain certain restrictions. Bignold House is another example of how we have worked with conservation officers, obtained listed building consent, as well as planning permission, for a grade 2 listed building.

Our projects are always completed to a high standard, having followed all necessary guidelines. They always aim to finish on time, within budget and, of course, with minimal disruption. By working closely with all of our clients, we establish lasting relationships and often work with them again on future projects.

Some Of The Projects We Have Been Involved In Are:

  • Shop units
  • Large renovation projects
  • Industrial units
  • Nursing homes
  • Bespoke homes
  • Housing developments

However, this list is not exhaustive! If you have a contracting job, please get in touch with us.

If you would like to take a look at any of our previous developments and projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or head to ‘our work’. We will be more than happy to show you our portfolio of experience or put you in touch with the agreed projects.