Development is something we’re really passionate about and, as a team, we are always looking to purchase new land or properties with the potential to develop. If this is something you have available, either land or property for land development, or even multiple properties, please do get in touch.

This might simply be a case of having excess land or buildings that you have no use for and would like to sell it for redevelopment. Or, you have a partly developed scheme which has come to a halt, and you no longer want to continue with the project. This is where we step in, we can purchase your land from you outright, meaning you’ll be completely free of the land thereon! What makes this service particularly attractive for you is that there are often no requirements for us to purchase the land with existing planning permission in place. We can sort all of this out after the transaction is complete.

If this is something you’re interested in, make sure to contact us!

Finder’s Fee


Our referral scheme means that everyone wins. If you don’t already own the land, but know the owners are keen to sell, refer them to us and you might earn yourself some pounds (it doesn’t get easier than that). We have paid out over 6 figures in finder’s fees in the last year, and there’s no reason as to why this couldn’t be you.

While you benefit financially from this offer, we get the opportunity to expand our portfolio of development locations. We’re keen to take on new developments, so we value anyone who refers potential land purchases to us.

To discuss any opportunities you believe may be of interest, please make sure to contact us.